Camden County Prosecutor Mary Eva Colalillo and Winslow Police Chief Robert Stimelski reported a Winslow police officer pleaded guilty Wednesday in connection with the shooting of a police vehicle.

Da’Shaun Carr, M/23, of Clayton, a part-time Class II Special Law Enforcement Officer with the Winslow Police Department, pleaded guilty in Superior Court in Camden to False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities and was simultaneously sentenced to one year of probation.

Carr was accused of shooting his patrol car around 8 p.m. October 3, 2014, at New Brooklyn Park in Winslow and communicating by radio that his vehicle had been fired upon.

Officers from the Winslow Police Department, New Jersey State Police, Camden County Sheriff’s Office and Camden County Prosecutor’s Office responded to the incident.

The Prosecutor’s Crime Scene Investigation Unit processed the scene and found the patrol car had been shot once through the front windshield.  Bullet fragments were recovered from inside the interior of the vehicle.

Carr, who had been with the department for about a year, has been on unpaid suspension.

Under the terms of the plea, Carr will be disqualified from holding public office.  He was also required to forfeit the firearm used in the incident.

Released Wednesday, February 25, 2015.