Drug addiction, and the illegal trade that feeds addiction, is the single greatest cause of crime in Camden County. From homicides to shop lifting, drug addiction is the common thread that runs through a vast range of criminal activity. Beyond the violence and property damage, drug addiction creates human misery and heartbreak for too many families. It causes young women to sell their bodies, sons and daughters to steal from their parents, adults to abandon their families and mothers and fathers to receive phone calls in the middle of the night to alert them that a body has been found, dead from an overdose in a crumbled, weedy back alley, and it appears to be their child.

Law enforcement works to curtail the drug trade by investigating and arresting dealers and suppliers, but addiction is a public health issue as well, one that requires medical expertise to heal.

Click HERE for a printable list of resources available in Camden County and the Delaware Valley region. If you suffer from addiction, there are places on this list that can help. If you have a family member or loved one who is battling addiction, reach out to these organizations for more information.