The Insurance Fraud Unit was created in 1999 and is funded by the Insurance Fraud Reimbursement Program through the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP).  The Unit receives referrals through various sources, including the OIFP, local law enforcement agencies, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, and members of the public.


The Unit consists of one full-time assistant prosecutor and two full-time detectives.  The Unit operates in a vertical prosecution model, and so it handles its cases from inception through final disposition.  The Unit investigates and prosecutes allegations involving all manner of insurance fraud, including health care claims fraud, workers compensation fraud, automobile insurance fraud, homeowners and commercial property insurance fraud, prescription fraud, rate evasion, arson for profit, and simulated motor vehicle insurance identification cards.

The County receives numerous referrals relating to identity theft.  These cases often involve false representations on insurance applications and claims and false reporting of insurance coverage.  To investigate and punish these offenses, the Unit works in concert with the NICB, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission and with federal agencies, such as the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration Customs.

In addition to investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud, the Unit raises public awareness of insurance fraud through presentations to college and graduate students, municipal law enforcement agencies, and members of the community.