Detective Tanner Ogilvie

Phone: (856) 650-6398

Detective Michael Manning

Phone: (856) 676-3878


The Prosecutor’s Office, by order of the Governor, is the lead law enforcement agency within the county responsible for all terrorism information, to include but not limited to investigations and intelligence sharing. Additionally the unit prepares for possible terrorist attacks by developing plans in coordination with the County Office of Emergency Management.


The Homeland Security/Counter-Terrorism Unit (HSCTU) is tasked with detecting criminal activity that could create widespread fear or terror. Based on the nature of the investigation the HSCTU maintains close coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. In an emergency, the HSCTU is responsible for coordinating and planning the emergency response of various law enforcement agencies. This is obtained by facilitating training for all laws enforcement agencies that operate within the county. The unit is the primary liaison between local, state and federal agencies ensuring there is a coordinated response for assignments tasked by but not limed to the PA and NJ’s U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council, Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, Department of Homeland Security and the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

The unit’s investigator has been granted an FBI Top Secret/SCI Security clearance and key personnel with the Prosecutor’s Office chain of command have been granted secret clearances. This clearance process allows a seamless flow of information to key personnel. The Assistant Prosecutor gives legal advice and prepares applications for search, data and arrest warrants as needed.

This unit responds to investigative requests made by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. The Unit also serves as the County Counter Terrorism Coordinator to OHSP.

The Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Unit’s mission is directed to serve as chief law enforcement component of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office for the purpose of providing the community with:
• Deterring criminal acts that are designed to create wide spread fear or terror with the public through investigations
• Member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force
• Coordinating and enhancing emergency response preparation for the municipalities and the county
• Liaising between municipal, state and federal agencies to provide a coordinated response for assignments tasked by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
• Facilitating communication between all relevant law enforcement and non-law enforcement agencies
• Establishment of counter-terrorism training within the county
• Providing dignitary protection
• Providing input for school security plans
• Member of the County’s Multi Discipline Working Group
Unit member(s) are required to be on call 24/7, in support of the unit mission. Personnel assigned to this unit are required to constantly be on the road to conduct proactive and reactive investigations, respond to actual/suspected terrorist situations and conduct surveillances.
The unit is also responsible for all federal, state and local Critical Infrastructure sites within the county. This responsibility requires the Critical Infrastructure coordinator to conduct vulnerability and security assessments of all sites with the county.