Unit Commander: Sergeant Chris Robinson


In 2012 the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office created a new investigative division, The High Tech Crimes Unit. Previously investigations that required technical expertise had been managed on an ad hoc basis by self-taught investigators, but the volume of work falling on these staff members necessitated the creation of a unit specifically assigned to manage the technical aspects of criminal investigations throughout the county. The Unit is responsible for the seizure, collection, examination and preservation of electronic evidence.

The Unit is designed to support investigations conducted by the other units in the office by addressing any aspect of a case related to the retrieval and analysis of electronic data. Increasingly, criminal investigations require expert understanding of how to access and manipulate information stored on computers, cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. A text message can be as key a piece of evidence as a fingerprint in the digital age. The Unit provides technical expertise not just to the other units within the Prosecutor’s Office, but also to the police departments throughout Camden County who either lack the equipment or the training to conduct their own high tech analyses.

The unit received significant support from agents and clerical employees assigned to the office’s internal Information Technology department. This support can range from editing phone intercepts to capturing surveillance video of a crime.


The High Tech Crimes Unit is responsible for gathering electronic data relevant to investigations conducted in the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. When a case requires a cell phone to be hacked or a computer drive searched, investigators turn to the High Tech Crimes Unit. Computer evidence recovery is a unit specialty and investigators with the Unit are tasked with retrieving photo, text and video files off computers, even when the evidence has been deleted.

The investigators perform comprehensive forensic examinations of electronic devices and preserve and analyze digital data seized from computer systems and mobile devices that will be needed for criminal prosecutions of defendants.

The Unit also is responsible for gathering and processing found video of crime scenes, such as images captured from surveillance cameras. They must prepare such video through editing and enhancement to make of maximum value to other Prosecutor’s Office investigators.