Unit Commander: Captain Terry King and Lieutenant William Rumell


In 2012 the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office created a new investigation division, the High Tech Crimes Unit.  Increasingly, criminal investigations require an expert understanding of how to access and manipulate information stored on computers, cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices.  In this digital age, a text message can be as key a piece of evidence as a fingerprint.  Our way of investigating crimes from theft to homicide, has become very dependent on information found on cell phones, computers or video surveillance cameras.  This unit provides not just Camden County Prosecutor’s Office with technical expertise in the areas of digital evidence analysis, but also to the police departments throughout Camden County who either lack the equipment or the training to conduct their own high tech analyses.

The unit received significant support from agents and clerical employees assigned to the office’s internal Information Technology department. This support can range from editing phone intercepts to capturing surveillance video of a crime.


The High Tech Crimes Unit is a reactive / proactive unit assisting every unit within the Prosecutor’s Office regarding cellular and computer forensic investigations.  Additionally, this unit assists several agencies within Camden County as well as state and federal agencies regarding digital forensics investigations.  Computer evidence recovery is a unit specialty and detectives within the unit are trained and supplied with the tools to retrieve pertinent digital evidence from cell phones or computers even if it was deleted.  The Unit is an “on-call” unit and responsible for gathering and processing found video of crime scenes, such as images captured from surveillance cameras.  The captured video is then analyzed by the case detective.  If such video needs to be enhanced or edited the High Tech Crimes Unit will perform the editing and enhancements for maximum evidentiary value.

Other aspects of this Unit involve daily undercover “chat” investigations with potential child predators and the physical surveillance on suspects who may be possessing, distributing or manufacturing child pornography.  Detectives in this unit are responsible for writing and executing search warrants as well as generating operational plans involving Entry Teams and other law enforcement agencies that may be jurisdictionally involved.

Since 2015 the High Tech Crimes Unit has made over 200 arrests regarding crimes of child pornography.