Unit Commanders: Captain Terry King and Lieutenant William Rumell


The Crime Scene Investigation Unit responds to and assists with the resolution of criminal investigations in Camden County’s 37 municipalities.

The Crime Scene Investigation Unit is one of the most versatile in the office. In addition to responding to all homicide, suicide and suspicious death investigations throughout the county, the unit also assists the municipalities in the investigation of a variety of other offenses including sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries and arsons.

The unit also receives approximately 1,200 requests a year for other services, including latent fingerprints processing, fingerprint, tread and tool mark comparisons, serial number restoration, composite sketches, audio visual enhancement and duplication, aerial and surveillance photography and graphic art productions for trial.


Investigators respond to an assortment of cases throughout the county and process the scene accordingly. Depending upon the type of case, duties may include photographing and videotaping the scene and/or autopsy, marking, collecting and processing physical evidence, preparing a sketch of the scene and all necessary reports for trial. The Evidence Custodian is also under the command of the Crime Scene Investigation Unit Commander.