Section Chief: Assistant Prosecutor Angela Seixas


The Civil Litigation/Records Management Unit is responsible for the civil and ancillary aspects of criminal prosecution.


The Unit reviews and processes all expungement petitions filed within Camden County. The Unit also reviews and processes all requests for civil discovery and all firearm matters, including requests for return of weapons, applications for permits to carry firearms in the county and appeals from denials of such permits.

Several types of information requests and record keeping are handled by the Civil Litigation/Records Management Unit. These include:

• Requests for information from governmental agencies, including federal agencies, New Jersey state agencies, and inquiries from agencies of other states.

• Requests for release of municipal police records, evidence disposition, and return of property and money.

• The Civil Litigation/Records Management Unit is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Records Retention and Disposal Act pursuant to New Jersey P.L. 1953, c.410 as amended.

• Assisting the Victim/Witness Unit in helping crime victims apply for U-Visas.

This section also conducts record checks, property forfeitures and foreclosures, name change petitions, expungement petitions, bail forfeitures and false identity claims. To help pro se litigants understand the expungement process, the Unit gives several free seminars each year throughout the County.

The unit cooperates with County Counsel, the Attorney General’s Office and private counsel to handle and monitor all civil lawsuits filed against the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office or its personnel.

The Unit is responsible for asset forfeitures on behalf of all law enforcement agencies throughout the county. This is a civil law practice allowing authorities to seize property and money used by arrested persons in furtherance of illegal activity or proceeds gained through illegal activity. The Unit regularly appears before the Law Division – Civil Part to litigate these forfeitures.

The Unit also serves as legal advisor to all law enforcement agencies in the county regarding certain civil litigation issues.