Camden County Prosecutor Warren W. Faulk reported a Philadelphia man was sentenced to a third life term of incarceration Friday for the killing of a man in Camden.

Superior Court Judge Gwendolyn Blue sentenced Joseph Amoop, M/32, of the 5300 block of N. Carmac Street, to a life term of incarceration in a New Jersey state prison. Amoop is already serving two consecutive life sentences for two unrelated homicides in Philadelphia. Judge Blue ordered this third term to be served consecutive to the other two.

In October a jury found Amoop guilty of 1st degree Felony Murder, 1st degree Robbery, Conspiracy, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon and Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose in the 2006 murder of Shirrel Harris. Amoop fatally shot Harris, M/45, of Camden, on the 100 block of Branch Street on Nov. 6, 2006. A co-defendant, Desmond McMoore, pleaded guilty to Aggravated Manslaughter earlier this year and received a sentence of 25 years incarceration, 85 percent of which must be served before parole eligibility.

During the approximately two week trial, Assistant Prosecutor Lauren Pratter, trying her first homicide for the office, brought to the stand McMoore, who testified that Amoop and he were dropping off a friend in Camden and noticed activity in the Branch Village housing development. McMoore testified that both he and Amoop were carrying handguns when they exited their vehicle. He further testified that Amoop shot and killed Harris and then searched the dead man’s pockets and took from him money, drugs and other personal property. They then fled back to Philadelphia. McMoore and Amoop were charged with Harris’ killing in 2007 after being arrested for offenses in Philadelphia.

Prosecutor Faulk credited A.P. Pratter, Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Fawn Ackerman for ensuring Amoop be held responsible for all his crimes.