On Tuesday, July 17, 2018, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge signed an order allowing for the release of horses presently located at the Labrador Hill Equine Sanctuary located in Waterford Township.

The Order of Superior Court Judge John T. Kelley, which was signed with the consent of Sarah Rabinowitz, the sanctuary’s operator, allows individuals who can show proof of ownership of any horse at the sanctuary access onto the sanctuary for the purpose of having their horse examined by a licensed veterinarian to perform a Coggins Test.  A Coggins Test is required prior to transporting any livestock within or outside the State of New Jersey.  Once an owner has established ownership and provided proof of a negative Coggins Test, the Order allows the removal of the horse.

Any owner who seeks to remove a horse from the sanctuary in accordance with this process is asked to contact Investigator Timothy Lyons of the Waterford Township Police Department by e-mail at timothy.lyons@wtpd.org.  The email must include a description of the horse with name and photos if available, the name of the veterinarian who will be performing the Coggins Test, proof of ownership of the horse and contact information include name, address and phone number.

Any questions on this process can be directed to Investigator Timothy Lyons at 856-767-2134 ext. 245.

The Department of Agriculture and law enforcement will continue to monitor this matter.

Released Tuesday, July 17, 2018.