Camden County Prosecutor Warren E. Faulk unveiled a new means for the public to provide information on crimes in the county to law enforcement.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office’s Texting Tipline allows the public to reach out to Prosecutor’s Office investigative staff from their cell phones by simply texting a message to CCTIP. The sender will receive a prompt acknowledging receipt of the information. If there are followup questions detectives from the Prosecutor’s Office will be able to interact with tipsters in real time.

The tipline was established to take advantage of the opportunities technology offers to counter the fear some people feel when they contemplate providing law enforcement with information on crime. People who may have witnessed a crime or have critical information about a crime may fear retribution from criminals if they cooperate with police. Providing information by cell phone allows conversations between our detectives and tipsters to take place silently, discreetly and privately.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office has evolved its services to embrace the lifestyles of the people in our community. Texting has become a major form of communication in our society, and it offers us an opportunity to interact with the people we serve in a safe and secure way. We hope it’s a service the people of Camden County will use and trust as an effective way to fight crime in their communities.