On October 18, 2019, the Acting Camden County Prosecutor Jill S. Mayer, Special Deputy Attorney General/Acting First Assistant Dana Petrone, Special State Investigator/Acting Chief of Detectives Jeff Dunlap and law enforcement members of the Camden County Prosecutor Office Crime Scene Unit, Homicide Unit, Major Crimes Unit and Narcotics Unit attended the Project SAVE conference held earlier today at the Camden County College in New Jersey.

Project SAVE (Substance Abuse Visionary Effort) was first started in Gloucester Township in 2014 and has since grown almost County-wide as of January 2019. The one-year pilot project is an early assessment program that is funded by the Camden County Freeholders on behalf of the Addiction Awareness Task Force. Project SAVE was designed to attempt to intervene in the early cycle of addiction. The program uses certified Alcohol and Drug counselors in Municipal Courts to help people after they’ve overdosed, sought treatment for addition-related illnesses, or for those who’ve committed petty drug-related offenses.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office had two keynote speakers during the law enforcement part of the conference. The speakers touched on what the Strict Liability Statute requires, the relationship between Governor Christie’s Good Samaritan Law and the Strict Liability Statute, as well as different investigative techniques used during an investigation of potential overdose deaths.

During conference, Gloucester Township Police Chief Harry Earle, Presiding Municipal Court Judge Robert T. Zane and Ann Biondi received awards for their hard work on Project SAVE and the Addiction Awareness Task Force.

Released Saturday, October 19, 2019.