Camden, N.J.-The primary mission of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics Unit is to investigate and prosecute offenders who engage in the illegal distribution of narcotics.  These investigations are performed with a keen understanding of the connection between drugs and violence.

The CCPO Narcotics Unit is comprised of a Section Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Deputy Section Chief Assistant Prosecutor, one Assistant Prosecutor, one Captain, one Lieutenant, three Sergeants and nine Detectives.

Narcotics Unit Section Chief Assistant Prosecutor Nevan Soumilas said the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office’s Suburban Narcotics Task Force, and local law enforcement partners from within Camden City and throughout Camden County are working tirelessly to identify, investigate and prosecute those individuals who traffic in illicit controlled dangerous substances.

“We would also like to warn the public that many of our investigations have revealed that buyers of these substances often are not fully aware of what they will be consuming.  Oftentimes, what is believed to be heroin or cocaine is laced with or primarily Fentanyl, which can be deadly when consumed in any quantity,” Section Chief Assistant Prosecutor Soumilas said.

Soumilas noted that the increase of fentanyl mixed with heroin that is being sold has likely contributed to the number of fatal overdoses across Camden County.