Camden, N.J. – Grace C. MacAulay, Timothy K. Chatten and Robert M. Ferris have been sworn in as Camden County Prosecutor, First Assistant Prosecutor and Chief of Detectives respectively.

The virtual swearing-in ceremony occurred on January 6, 2022 at the Governor James J. Florio Center for Public Service. MacAulay and her administration were sworn in by The Honorable Kathleen M. Delaney, J.S.C.

MacAulay had been serving as Acting Camden County Prosecutor since December 1, 2021.

“When I was sworn in on December 1st as Acting Prosecutor, I said this is seriously one of the greatest days of my life and that was absolutely true,” Prosecutor MacAulay said during the ceremony. “But today is even better. I promise you all, I will not let you down. I will continue to fight the good fight for everyone in the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and everyone in Camden County.”

“I’ve taken an oath today, but I’m also giving you my word at the same time that every day I will do my absolute best to ensure that everyone in Camden County is treated with the utmost dignity, respect, fairness, compassion and understanding,” said First Assistant Chatten.

“I appreciate this opportunity and pledge my loyalty and I always promise to put the office first no matter what the situation is,” said Chief Ferris.

Chatten had been serving as Acting First Assistant Prosecutor since December 7, 2021 and Ferris had been serving as Acting Chief of Detectives since October 1, 2021.

Tracy A. Cogan and Kelly A. Testa have also been sworn in as Deputy First Assistant Prosecutors. Michael G. Mangold will remain Chief of Staff.

CCPO Assistant Prosecutors, Detectives and Superior Officers have been re-sworn into their current roles.

(From left to right in the above photo: Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Kelly A. Testa, Chief of Staff Michael G. Mangold, Camden County Prosecutor Grace C. MacAulay, First Assistant Prosecutor Timothy K. Chatten, Chief of Detectives Robert M. Ferris and Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Tracy A. Cogan)