My internship with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office in 2008 afforded me the experience of a lifetime. Even as a law student I knew I’’d be interested in a career in criminal prosecution. In fact, advocating on behalf of crime victims was one of the reasons I wanted to become a lawyer.

In the first week in my internship, I filed two briefs and argued my first pre-trial motion. I felt comfortable and confident arguing on my feet, knowing that I had the support of the entire office behind me. The office fosters an unparalleled cooperative working environment through their open-door policy among highly experienced and committed team of prosecutors. The invaluable advice I received, ranging from legal issues to oral advocacy techniques, has greatly prepared me for my future legal career.

Each day presented something new and interesting. In addition to reinforcing my law school education, I learned practical approaches to the law by interviewing victims, preparing witnesses for trial, and receiving lectures from the most knowledgeable sources in law enforcement. We were provided tours of the city, as well as the county jail, State prisons, and the State police forensic laboratory. This experience left me wanting more. I attribute much of my present success to the insight learned through my internship with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. In 2009 I graduated from Rutgers-Camden law school and just over a year later I was back at the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, but this time not as an intern but as a full-time prosecutor.

Legal Internship Memories
Assistant Prosecutor Lee Brownstein
Rutgers-Camden Law School, Class of ’09
Assigned to Juvenile Unit


I aspired to continue the family tradition of public service through law enforcement since high school. While a student at Audubon High School I watched my two older brothers become police officers. I majored in criminal justice at Widener University, and at Rutgers-Camden after transferring there, but I began to consider other careers as well. I worked in the operating room and post anesthesia care unit at Virtua Hospital during college and seriously thought about applying to nursing school.

Interning at the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office clarified for me that I belonged in law enforcement. I had the privilege to observe investigators, prosecutors and officers from local law enforcement agencies and became immediately attracted to the variety of the work they did. I loved the uncertainty the work entailed and liked that a career as an investigator didn’’t require the routine and repetition that made other lines of work less appealing to me. The internship made me realize law enforcement truly would be a perfect fit for me.

After successfully completing the Investigative Internship Program, I stayed involved with the prosecutor’’s office and was asked to assist in the coordination of the schedule and activities for the summer internship program. On August 3rd, 2010 I was sworn in as an Investigator for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. I am currently assigned to the Grand Jury Unit and will be attending the Division of Criminal Justice Training Academy in 2011.

College Internship Memories
Investigator Colleen McCausland
Rutgers-Camden University, Class of ’09
Assigned to Grand Jury Unit