Q: Is this a paid internship?
A: These are unpaid internships. The office does participate in work study programs but does not provide any matching funds. Students are encouraged to explore outside funding, such as public interest grants.

Q: How competitive is the selection process?
A: The office actively recruits at law schools across the eastern seaboard. The office conducts interviews on-campus at more than five area law schools and participates in a variety of career fairs.

Q: How are students placed within the office?
A: Students are placed according to their interests and the needs of the office. Incoming interns are given the opportunity to express an interest in a particular area of criminal prosecution.

Q: Are there any other learning opportunities?
A: Legal interns in our Summer Legal Internship Program will go on guided tours of the Camden County Correctional Facility and Trenton State Prison. They will also go on a daytime “ride along” with our Narcotics Detectives. They may also attend autopsies and will spend a day at the County Firing Range with our office’s Rangemaster. There, Legal Interns will learn safe handling of a firearm and will actually have the opportunity to shoot various weapons.

Q: Can I get course credit or work study?
A: Yes. Many law students intern with our office for course credit or for work study. Our office cannot provide matching funds, but we will work with each student and his or her respective law school.

Q: Will a Legal Internship improve my chances of obtaining full-time employment with the Prosecutor’s Office?
A: We do not hire directly from the Legal Intern Program. Our office only interviews attorneys who have already passed the New Jersey Bar. However, people who have interned with our office have an advantage by obtaining a judicial clerkship or by having already shown our office his or her work ethic and ability.

Q: Can academic year interns serve for more than one semester?
A: Yes. We prefer academic year interns serve for a full academic year.

Q: Do Legal Interns rotate through the different units in the office?
A: We have learned that while rotating exposes the Legal Interns to many different units with the office, the individual Interns do not develop a rapport with the office personnel. Further, the Intern does not develop any proficiency in doing the work of the Prosecutor’s Office. Instead, we assign each Intern to one unit for the summer of for one semester. Academic year interns will rotate to a different unit each semester.

Q: Do you accept law school graduates in your Legal Intern Program?
A: No. Our program is designed for law students attending an accredited law school.

Admission Requirements:

Open to second and third year law students with an interest in a career in criminal prosecution.
No residency requirement.
Acceptance subject to criminal background check.
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


For further information on Legal Internships, please contact:
Vera A. Brahn
Coordinator, Legal Internship Program

To apply for a Legal Internship, please send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to:
Assistant Prosecutor Elizabeth L. Doyle
Director, Legal Internship Program
Office of the Camden County Prosecutor
200 Federal Street
Camden, NJ 08103


For further information on Investigative Internships, please contact:
Detective Jamie Sheppard
Coordinator, Investigative Internship Program

To apply for an Investigative Internship, please send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to:
Detective Jamie Sheppard
Coordinator, Investigative Internship Program
Office of the Camden County Prosecutor
200 Federal Street
Camden, NJ 08103