The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office (CCPO) is pleased to announce the launch of a Veterans Diversion Program (VDP) in Camden County.

The purpose of this Veterans Diversion Program is to provide a collaborative partnership between the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, local law enforcement agencies, Veterans Administrators, State and County Agencies, community-based organizations and medical treatment facilities to identify eligible veteran-defendants at their earliest contact with the criminal justice system, determine whether their issues can be attributed to PTSD, TBI, substance abuse or psychological problems, and divert their cases to a treatment based early intervention program. Our goals are to protect the public, reduce Veteran contacts with the criminal justice system, provide Veterans with needed services and support and reduce costs to the public.

The Program is open to any Camden County resident who is a “service member”, which is defined as any veteran or active duty military person, who suffers from mental illness. The Program is limited to “eligible offenses” as listed in the statute which are non-violent, petty disorderly persons, disorderly persons offenses or crimes of the third or fourth degree.

More information about the Veterans Diversion Program can be found here, as well as the link labeled ‘Veterans Diversion Program’ which can be found on the Camden County Prosecutor’s homepage under the ‘Important Links’ section.

Attorneys who believe their clients may qualify for this program should complete the VDP Application form and the VDP Medical Release form, which can be found on the main page or on the Public Services page. The completed forms should then be emailed to

Any additional questions regarding the program can be directed to Assistant Prosecutor Matt Spataro at (856) 225-8685.